KEEP IT MOVING // Ross One // Chapter 2

When we first started documenting deejays, we were enthralled by the magic and the excitement of their world. Your modern day rockgods, these creatures of the night have often been glamorized by the very videos we have produced over the years.  However, there is another world behind the champagne bottles, 5am flights, sexual perversions, and celebrity.  A reality that only a few really fully understand. It's a business. It's a smoke and mirror game. And some people play it better than others.

Producer // Alain Uy, Angela Calero
Executive Producer // Ross One
Director // Alain Uy
Writers // Ross One, Alain Uy
Cinematographer // Alain Uy, Angela Calero
2nd Unit Camera // Miles Casupanan
Sound Design & Mix // Bridge Composition
Editor // Alain Uy
Visual Graphics // Alain Uy
Photo // Allen Powers, Seth Browarnik (World Red Eye)